Medications At Your Fingertips

Developed exclusively with nurses in mind, the FHIR compatible app has everything needed to accurately dispense, administer, and document medications on the electronic medical record.  Quick and agile design with reliable results give nurses the freedom to focus on caring for patients while minimizing medication errors.

Fingerprint Login

Sign into the app using a rapid fingerprint scan.  Avoid typing passwords repeatedly to log in.

Barcode Scans

Instantly scan barcodes on patient wristbands and medication bottles using the front-facing camera.

Simple Documentation

Automatically query needed medications, update patient records once administered, and confirm with a simple “swipe right”.

Easy Sterilization

Compact and robust, simply clean with a sterile wipe and return to the charging station.

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Come experience how much faster and safer medication rounds can be for busy nurses.

Share & Collaborate

Volunteer to become an Alpha Tester and make recommendations directly to developers, offer user design enhancements, and help make the app even better.  

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Patient Safety

Integrated barcode scanning to confirm patient identities, medications, dosage, and sends updates automatically.

Nursing Productivity

Nurses spend more time caring for the patients on their floor and less time in front of a computer performing mindless button clicking.

Extensive Documentation

Auto-fill updates are immediately included on the electronic record when a medication is given with standard results.

Reduced Errors

Fewer medication errors result in less revenue lost due to litigations, insurance fees, and longer patient visits.

Labor Hour Savings

The extra time nurses save each day increase workplace satisfaction, medical record adoption, and total patients seen.

Enhanced Communication

Real-time updates keep busy teams of medical professionals on the same page with unambiguous timestamps.

What Are You Waiting For?

Early access will be made available to a limited number of hospital systems during the development phase.  Simply express your interest in becoming a sponsor client and we’ll do the rest. 

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